Please take into account that prices can vary according to the quality and pedigree of the kitten.
When we have kittens available, the price can be quoted on application.
Kittens for breeding purposes will command a higher price than those destined only to become a pet.
Kittens that are less than perfect on the other hand could sometimes turn out a bit cheaper.
Sometimes we are looking for a good home for an adult cat.
These animals will never be sold for breeding purposes and, as a pet, could be had at a strongly reduced price.

If you are offered a Savannah, Serval, Caracal or like breed at a price too good to be true, indeed it usually isn't true.
Savannahs are difficult to breed and as such command a reasonably high price.
On the internet you will find swindlers offering Savannahs or Servals at low prices. Sometimes even with stolen photos.
You will have to pay in advance and never receive your cat. I regret to have to warn you for this.

Our kittens are reared with enormous care, love and responsibility:
right from birth until their departure to their new residence.
We expect nothing less than that this care will be continued there.
Hence we do not sell kittens if these are about to roam without restriction.
In spite of the fact that this cannot always be verified, we do expect the
new owner to be sufficiently responsible and to love his or her cats
enough as to not infringe on this condition.

We do not rear kittens only to hear that they have been run over, been
infected with some common (deadly) virus, have been attacked by a dog
(or by the dominant neigbourhood tomcat); or have been stolen, have
strayed and disappeared or have caused a conflict with neighbours because
they don't see the difference between their garden and a litterbox. Or to
hear that they have been poisoned by "people" that don't like cats!

With some imagination it should be possible, without prohibitive cost, to
securely close garden, balcony or terrace so as to prevent your cat from
getting out, and other cats from coming in.